It’s that incredible time of the year when we get together as Woman’s Worth Chapters to celebrate & connect. It’s been an incredible five years since a Woman’s Worth Chapters launched. The chapters are about strategically planning, organizing, and hosting workshops, connect sessions, and conferences to empower collaborations and partnerships. United, our goals include co-creating strategies and tools necessary for economic and personal development.

Today we are grateful to be a network of women that are invested and have been committed to supporting each other through incredible projects, initiatives and rewards that have been shared to help others realize their dreams.

2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for many of us and we have had to be resourceful, resilient and agile in how we respond to these changing times.

Every year we have incredible sponsors that have supported us in the journey to shifting the narrative of challenges across Africa.

We look forward to an exciting connect session with you!


Genevieve Pearl