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To get the best out of your teams, it’s imperative to invest in them for the success of your organization. Count on tried and tested solutions and trainings that will get you best results.

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You deserve to be the best version of yourself. Get to discover, be an influencer and stand out! The journey begins with collaborative partners who have the impetus to guide  you become the best!


Dr. Genevieve is an industry expert for customer relationship management & SME consulting & a well-sought-after leadership strategist and a Certified Corporate Trainer/Knowledge broker.


Dr. Genevieve Duncan Obuobi holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from Swiss Business School, Zurich & an EMBA from the University of Ghana Business School, Legon.


Certified Management Professional by Harvard USA, Cranfield UK and CEIBS China.

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Genevieve Pearl Consults (GPC) designs bespoke trainings for corporate firms, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking growth and business sustainability. We grow your business by Upskilling your workforce.

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Investment finance

Providing objective advice and assistance in investment finance and management

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Building awareness and empowering choices that lead to pivotal change


Inspiring growth in individuals and organisations

My Latest Book

Launched April 14, 2022

“The Diary of A Branch Manager” . This is a comprehensive and concise inside story of a branch manager. 

“The role of a bank branch manager has become more challenging in today’s technological world. As a manager, you shoulder the responsibility of leading a team of excellent service staff, being operationally effective, performing a salesperson’s role, managing credit risk and above all, developing and empowering your staff to deliver the required results. “

Praise for Genevieve's "Jigsaw "

“ I recommend ‘The Jigsaw Effect of Leaders’. If you are new to leadership, this book will jump-start your leadership career. If you are an experienced leader, this book will make you an even better leader”
“Excellent piece of work. Very insightful content, informed by deep knowledge on the subject and practical work experience scenarios. Easy to read and understand, and provides practical steps to guide readers.
This book goes far to offer leadership principles and guidelines critical to the answering of the ‘how’ questions and the processes of identifying one’s strengths to play a leading role in the various spheres of life”