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Written with a lot of thought and hub of experiences, the uniquely Diary of a Branch Manager gives insights on the role of a bank branch manager in any part of the world. So, the book is meant for branch managers and other bank executives across the globe.

“Owing to the fact that this has become more challenging in today’s technological world, the book provides practical guidelines that every manager will find relevant in their position”, she said ahead of the launch in Accra.

Being a manager herself, Dr Obuobi has shouldered the responsibility of leading a team of excellent service staff for years. Chronicling her journey in banking, over the past decade, the author sums up her experiences as exhilarating and positively challenging.

“Indeed, being a branch manager presents a learning curve to all and each day poses an opportunity to grasp some additional knowledge, gain fresh insight or imbibe some new values-there is never a dull moment. This book is an eye-opener and a must-read for all managers in the banking sector and beyond”.


She told African Eye Report ahead of the book launch that she was motivated to leave a legacy spanning her over a decade experience in branch management. Dr. Obuobi added that she also wanted the book to serve as a manual of branch management in the banking and financial industry in Ghana and other parts of the world.

In her words: “The Diary of a Branch Manager is not just a manual for branch management, but also a Diary that shares industry experience from more than six industry practitioners and experts on how to be an outstanding branch manager in the financial industry and outside the industry.

The book gives insights to value creation, profitability and impact”.


The target readers are Retail Banking Directors, SME heads, Regional and Branch Managers of Banks, Students, Relationship Managers and any Manager or potential Manager in and out of the banking industry who wants to excel.

Key chapters of the book

The five main chapters of the book cover insights relevant to all industries in relation to Productivity, Efficiency, Value Creation, Succession Planning, Customer Experience and Client Retention Team Development and Management as well Impacting Creation.

It also has five key areas under the discussion-Service Delivery, People Management, Salesmanship and Business Development, Operational Efficiency, and Risks Awareness and Management.

Furthermore, the book captured additional tips from industry players as well as checklist to effective branch management. In all, the book has 96 captivating pages which can hold readers for 24/7 reading relaxation.  Reader(s) can finish reading the book in less than three hours.

Looking at the worth of Knowledge shared experiences captured and the practical and relevant nature of the book, it is very affordable.

A copy of the book which goes for GHS105 (US$/17) can be purchased after the launch at the Banking College, Chartered Institute of Bankers secretariat, Mall Pharmacy, Accra Mall and A n C Mall, all in Accra. While those outside Ghana can purchase the book on Amazon.

Also interested buyers can order the book on for delivery in Ghana and outside the country.

Several copies of the book will be made available at T.EDGE Hub, Madina, a suburb of Accra. Or interested book buyers can WhatsApp +233 244 799909 for purchase.

Genevieve Pearl